About Kate

Kate Cashman from The Breath Between is an internationally certified and award winning rest and renewal coach, academic, writer and speaker. Her mission is to help inspire and support people in their journey of embracing rest, renewal and energy for their lives, all the while living according to their values and within boundaries that keep them feeling strong, supported and connected.

With a background in legal academia and a PhD in evidence law and forensic criminology, Kate finds balance and passion in teaching, research, writing and coaching.

In the early days of parenting her first child Kate found herself completely exhausted and overwhelmed by professional and personal commitments - and a complete inability to say no to others.

As a coach, Kate is a multi-passionate professional who uses her legal, management, research and coaching qualifications, together with her personal experience and journey, to help people live more balanced and holistic lives.

Blending practical and proven frameworks with realistic action, Kate’s work leaves her clients feeling rested, renewed and re-energised in all four dimensions of engagement - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and clients leave with greater purpose, passion and joy for their life outside of work.

You can find our more about Kate’s rest and renewal coaching, speaking, events and workshops here.


About Mish

Mish Pope is an internationally recognised and certified Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Podcaster and Registered Nurse. Her calling is serving those looking to reduce burnout, and to cultivate authentic courage within their lives. She guides her clients in increasing their sense of joy, radiance, and adventure. She is a leader in the areas of mindset, belief and leadership coaching.

She is passionate about empowering women to compassionately explore and work through areas of critical self-talk, perfectionism and burnout. Giving women full permission to seek the life they are desiring to live within.

Mish brings tenacity to both her presentations and life coaching sessions. She does this through a straight forward, intuitive and practical approach. Taking from her experience working in the higher education sector, health care and running her own business, Mish is able to bring a vast amount of experience, insight and tools to those she serves.

Deep down, Mish wants to start those needed, and often overlooked, conversations about cultivating a courageous life.

You can find out more about Mish’s work here.

Photography by  Nat Mendham.

Photography by Nat Mendham.

Mish Pope
Photography by  Myf Garven  at  Work+Life X 2018

Photography by Myf Garven at Work+Life X 2018