Are you so scattered that you don't even know where to start your to-do list?

Do you hide in your bed watching Netflix, because the thought of dealing with everything you're committed to is too exhausting?

You have many of the boxes ticked, but do you want greater connection - with yourself, with others and the world around you?

We can help.

The Hustle Detox is for you.

Over four weeks you will begin to leave the overwhelm, stress & anxiety behind.


Who is The Hustle Detox for?

This program is for you if you…

  • Feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of your commitments but don’t know how to reduce them.

  • Don’t have time to attend a week long retreat in a tropical destination (though my goodness that’d be delicious!).

  • Want a soulful AND practical experience that keeps your feet firmly on the ground.

  • Want to start or further your personal development journey.

  • Believe and KNOW that the ‘hustle’ just isn’t sustainable or supportive to your wellbeing (or for that matter, your family life, friendships or work).

  • Are afraid to slow down because it may slow down your business growth.

  • Wear ‘busyness’ as a badge of honour—but really, you’re just SO tired.

  • May have lost yourself in the hustle of motherhood.

  • Are afraid of what may happen if you take your foot off the accelerator.


I’m Mish Pope and, I’m Kate Cashman.

We’re internationally certified and award-winning life coaches, mothers, wives, entrepreneurs and rebels against the hustle that we see being ‘sold’ to the women we work with - feeling like it is the only way to work and live in modern times.

We have created ‘The Hustle Detox’, because we’re desperately passionate about helping YOU embrace a new way to live, love and how you show up in the world.

We’ve been there -- the entrenched hustle, the exhaustion, the late nights and the holistic burnout.

We know not only what it feels like to be in that place -- but more importantly how to get out of it.

We traded the hustle for self-connection; the stress for alignment, presence and flow.

We know you can too and we are here to help.

Don’t get us wrong, our feet are firmly planted on the ground.  
We still live in the ‘real’ world.

As professionals, business owners and mothers, our lives get full and frantic too.

We’re not here to tell you to walk away from your obligations—that’d be inauthentic—and that’s also not real life.

But what we WILL do, is help you ditch the ‘hustle’ and reconnect with your life; your soul!. To create a speed which is sustainable, realistic and applicable to the modern-day life you are leading.


What is The Hustle Detox?

The Hustle Detox is a 4-week online experience being run in March 2019.

This program takes you on a journey to free yourself from harmful ‘hustle’ and gives you full permission to rest, renew and walk away from the glorifying BUSY.

In as little as 1-hour per week, we’ll invite you to reconnect to feeling balanced, enriched, joyful and enlightened (REALLY!).

We know you’re busy. That’s why you’re here.

This is NOT another task on your ‘to-do’ list.

We have felt the exhaustion that being busy brings. We’ve been there in the trenches, where you are. That’s why The Hustle Detox was created. That’s why it’s realistic.

Over 4-weeks we have weekly themed modules:

  • Understanding

  • Exploration

  • Alignment

  • Implementation

Each weekly module will include all of the following:

  1. Weekly trainings delivered via short videos.
    This will help you better absorb the information.

  2. Beautifully designed and curated worksheets
    These will help you dig deeper into the content of each week.

  3. Weekly Support Calls via our online community.
    These will be weekly 60min live online calls with either Kate and/or Mish to go through questions raised in our online community and provide a space for Live Q&A to deepen your understanding and exploration. They can be attended from anywhere & will be recorded.

  4. Weekly bonus meditations to match each theme.

  5. An intimate online community of people going through the same thing you are.

Super-simple, right?

You don’t need to hustle at the expense of your health, happiness and inner harmony.


What will I walk away with?

After 4 weeks you will:

  • Know how to say ‘no’ without guilt

  • Feel confident, aligned and okay with your decisions

  • Easily draw on the practical strategies and tangible tools we teach you that simplify your day-to-day life

  • Expand your self-awareness – no more auto pilot

  • Feel more like the ‘real’ you (how long has it been??)

  • Know how to quickly restore yourself when it is busy in your life

  • Know how to rest without an ounce of guilt

  • Be a pro at prioritising your non-negotiables

  • Realign your passion with your work

  • Unearth an unapologetic desire to explore who you are and what you want

So what’s the value of a complete mental shift that grounds you instantly and realigns you in an authentic, supportive and restful way?


Join us!

We will be sending you a free meditation from Kate + a free checklist from Mish. You will be updated when we open up another round.

Hear more from us here.

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What’s included?

  • Four weeks of soul inspiring videos

  • Worksheets and journalling prompts

  • Weekly Facebook LIVE Q&A

  • Facebook group support ‘The Hustle Detoxers’

  • BONUS: Guided meditations each week

  • BONUS: All our favourite resources for reducing burnout, stress and ‘hustle’

If you are crying out for more space, more energy, more joy and less hustle…

This is your sign.

The Hustle Detox was created for YOU.